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ADF Team at the 2018 Invictus Games / Credit: ADF Sports Cell
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The all-round benefits of sport

Formed in 2018, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Sports Cell is responsible for the delivery of three sports programs that support the health, wellbeing and morale of ADF personnel, and strengthen the ADF’s relationships with local communities in Australia and around the world.

Working collaboratively with the Navy, Army and Air Force, the ADF Sports Cell creates opportunities for all serving personnel to participate in rewarding and well-organised sporting events. Members living with with physical and mental injuries have the same access to individual and team sports as their able-bodied peers, and are encouraged to use sport to aid their rehabilitation. 

ADF Conventional Sports Program

The ADF Sports Cell co-ordinates sports activities across all branches of the service, and ensures that joint sports are administered, coached, umpired and played in a way that enhances the capability of the ADF. It’s a major logistical challenge that sees the Sports Cell working with 29 different ADF Sport Associations (organisations), and managing the participation of more than 8,000 service personnel. The program actively supports the physical and mental health of all participants, fosters team spirit across the services, and provides the ADF with a platform for engaging with the wider community. Members for representative ADF teams selected at annual inter-service sports carnivals.

ADF Womens Indigenous AFL Team, 2019 / Credit: ADF Sports Cell

ADF Adaptive Sports Program

The focus of the ADF Adaptive Sports Program is to support and prepare wounded, ill and injured service members to take part in high-profile events including the Invictus Games, US Warrior Games, Canadian Allied Winter Trials and the Sydney City to Surf. The Sports Cell works with the Returned Services League and Veteran Sport Australia to manage training and competition activities for former service members, as well as current personnel. 

ADF Pacific Sports Program

Across the south-west Pacific region, the ADF Sports Cell works with local partners to deliver quality sports activities for the benefit of local communities as well as ADF personnel. Sports programs managed by the ADF Sports Cell include capacity-building activities such as leadership, training and coaching-accreditation courses, and well as community and school programs, and competitive events.


The ADF Sports Cell welcomes enquiries from Australian sports organisations that want to know more about ADF Sport, or are keen to discuss how their code can work with the ADF to deliver sporting programs. Contact the ADF Sports Cell at

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