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Jillaroo Lucy Lockhart makes some PNG friends / Credit: Aaron Kearney, ABC International Development

Sharing skills, experiences and opportunities

Australia has an international reputation, not only for our love of sport, but for the excellence of our elite-level sporting community. It’s an essential part of how we see ourselves, and how the world sees us. 

The Australian Government recognises that we have an opportunity to engage with the world through sport, and to use our sporting strengths to generate goodwill, build connections, support the aspirations of our regional neighbours, and foster greater security and prosperity for communities across the globe. 


Westfield Junior Matildas 2019 Pacific Tour / Credit: Joseph Mayers

The success of Australian Sports Diplomacy

In 2015, Australia released its first Sports Diplomacy Strategy, setting in motion a new era of international sporting engagement. 

  • Sport for development programs were shared with over 1.5 million people in Pacific and Asian communities, with an emphasis on activities that helped address the inequalities of women, girls and people living with disability. 
  • Partnerships were built to support elite-level sporting exchanges between India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka.
  • Fellowships were awarded to improve the capacity of individuals and institutions to deliver quality grassroots sport programs across our region.
  • And Australian volunteers with skills in media, communications, and disability and health support were connected to sporting organisations in Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu to help build greater capacity in our regional sports sector.

Sports Diplomacy 2030

Having evaluated the work done as part of the 2015 strategy, the Australian Government has proudly released a new strategy: Sports Diplomacy 2030

The strategy will be implemented by Sports Exchange Australia in partnership with leading sports organisations, academic institutions and the newly formed Sports Diplomacy Advisory Council. The strategy continues to have a global outlook, with a strong focus on our Pacific neighbours and a vision to build a thriving regional sports community.   

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