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Football Australia Westfield Junior Matildas Pacific Tour, Tonga / Credit: Joseph Mayers

Implementing the Sports Diplomacy 2030 strategy

Sport Exchange Australia is responsible for implementing the government’s Sports Diplomacy 2030 strategy. In partnership with leading sports organisations, academic institutions and the newly formed Sports Diplomacy Advisory Council, it co-ordinates a range of programs and activities designed to meet the strategy’s four priorities:

Meeting the world on common ground, through sport 

Our sportspeople are our ambassadors. From CEOs to community volunteers, they build connections, make friendships, share experiences and opportunity, and give the world an insight into who we are and what we stand for. Sport Exchange Australia recognises the important contribution made by our sportspeople, and aims to ensure they have the skills, tools and connections they need to be part of the global sports community.

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Putting Australian expertise to work

Australia has outstanding capabilities in administration and governance, high-performance training, sports journalism, broadcast technology, event management, and infrastructure development. We have much to offer the world, and an enthusiasm to collaborate on international initiatives and events. Sport Exchange Australia is committed to providing these industries with the support they need to thrive in global markets, and to sharing those capabilities with our regional sports community.

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Building a regional sports community

For decades, the sporting communities of Australia and the Pacific have celebrated each other’s talent, relished each other’s passion, and risen to match each other’s competitive drive. Through the PacificAus Sports program, Sport Exchange Australia is creating new opportunities for Australian and Pacific athletes to train and play together at the highest level. This program also supports the development of administrators, coaches and support staff.

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Transforming lives through sport

Sport creates heroes, celebrates culture, and fosters a sense of belonging. But access to sport is unequal and women, girls and people with disabilities often face barriers to participation. Through the Team Up program, Sport Exchange Australia is supporting communities across the Pacific to address the barriers that prevent some people from participating in sport so that more people can have access to the personal, social and even economic benefits that come with being part of a sporting community 

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Super W Queensland Reds v Fijiana / Credit: Brendan Hertal
Tonga Netball Training / Credit: Netball Australia
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